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Tuesday Trend Watch: Straw Pendants

Did you watch “Get a Room with Carson and Thom”? If you didn’t, not only did you miss some great entertainment, but also some stunning interiors. Thom Filicia and Carson Kressley reunited fifteen years after the original Queer Eye with Thom as mentor and Carson as interior design intern. The pair were hilarious which made their design projects almost a subplot. I binge-watched the series. But it was during the ninth episode when they installed an over-scaled straw pendant over a dining room table in a Brooklyn apartment that I had an a-ha moment. Scale is a biggie in interior design, and the ability to judge appropriate scale is what’s in the interior designer’s skill set that is often lacking in ordinary consumers. In this particular project, the scale of the pendant relative to the table was a departure from the norm. Yet it’s what made the room.

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New Year, New You . . . or Me?

Happy 2019! It’s gotten off to a good start: I spent the New Year in Mexico with my family, and that now includes two additional adult members: my oldest daughter’s fiance and my son’s girlfriend. Surrounded by azure blue water, white sand, the colors of Mexican folk art and the tropics, I’m feeling inspired design-wise for 2019.

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On the Move

Confession: I've been feeling ambivalent about blogging. It's been awhile. 

When I reflect on the years that I religiously committed to posting twice a week, I'm amazed that I kept to that schedule. And I feel guilty that I'm not blogging now. It's not that I haven't wanted to. On the contrary, I started the year recommitting to blogging regularly. But other things got in the way.

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