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Why a blog? Why now?

Several years ago, when I first launched my website, the art of blogging was new.  Social media experts said only blog if you can create fresh new content and if you can keep up with it.  I wasn't sure that I could do that: the design bloggers out there were already doing a good job.  And . . .  they still are.  But everyone has a unique voice, and while I might not be discovering anything new, my way of looking at things and presenting them, may be new. 

I went back to school in my 30s after a career as an attorney to study design.  School is something I excel at.  The joke in my family is that, even with all the academic degrees I've earned, I'll probably go back to school for more.  No joke, really!  I love to learn, and I love to impart that knowledge to teach others. 

So maybe that's what this blog is about: educating you, my readers, about good design.  What makes a design good?  What criteria do you use to judge good design?  Why are good designers so good?  We'll look at interiors and the items that shape them.  In addition, I'll bring you sources (like where I like to shop or products I love), process (projects I'm working on) and stories (what's happening in the world of design).  Welcome to my laboratory.  Or, should I say, my blogatory?  Enjoy.