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Painting the Town Blue

If you follow me on Twitter, you know where I lean politically. I had fully intended to keep my political views quiet to maintain a neutral public profile. But when I saw so many of my fellow designers and bloggers tweeting during the Democratic National Convention this past September, I felt so proud and thought, what the heck? Living in Massachusetts, which has the reputation of leaning left (proudly, the only state George McGovern carried in the 1972 Presidential election against Richard Nixon), I am a resident of a true "blue" state and not quite ready to put this color characterization to bed for another four years. So, to celebrate this latest election, here I am, painting the town blue.

It's time for blue, many designers feel. It's the most popular color here and abroad. In color theory, blue is cool and calming. Want to create a soothing palette? Use blue. Any wonder why it's also the most popular bedroom color? Want to make a low ceiling look higher? Paint it a pale shade of blue. Live in a hot climate? Use blue to cool things down.

My most popular project, if judged by the number of pins and likes on Pinterest and Houzz, is a living room I did for a client in shades of aqua and pale blue. The room has a lovely iridescent quality.

There is such a range of blue, from pale aquas. . . to more saturated teals. . . to dark navy.

This lovely living room/dining room combination by Fawn Galli Interiors pairs pale pastels with just a touch of dark accents to add contrast. So serene!

Interior Designer Tobi Fairley chose a similar pale palette in this living room. More monochromatic, the blues are warmed somewhat by the tan and gold accents.

The volume is turned up in this family room below by Fawn Galli Interiors with higher chromas in teal and turquoise. Amping up the color saturation makes the room feel more trendy.

In this bedroom by Nicholas Haslam, the wall color, dark and low in chroma, is brightened by the pale wall-to-wall carpeting, limed bureaus and metallic accents.

Rich jewel-toned blues, like sapphire, royal or cobalt, do well when paired with black and white or dark woods.

                                                           Design by Atmosphere Interior Design

                                                            Bedroom by William-Christopher Design

Enliven blue with colorful accents. This basement recreation room by Liz Caan Interiors feels sunny with its cerulean blue walls, accented with lime green and orange.

Hot pink spices up the living room below featured in Lonny magazine.

And red adds drama to this girl's bedroom by Carla Lane Interiors.

As popular and safe blue is as a color choice, it is also easily updated with colorful accents and modern forms. Has there ever not been a time for blue?