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Design Bloggers Conference 2012

In addition to recovering from jet lag, it's taken me a little while to come down off the high I got from being at the Design Bloggers Conference in Los Angeles earlier this week. What an experience it was toOscar at Pre-Oscar Party given by Fuse Lighting for Design Bloggers Conference Attendees mingle with fellow designers and bloggers, experience the L.A. design scene, and learn from some of the best in the field. Before I was a designer, I was an attorney practicing employee benefits law in New York City. As an attorney, going to a conference was an opportunity to get out of the office for a little "breather." But often the content was lacking and I found that it wasn't worth the extra hours I had to put in to make up for being out of the office. I can't say that about attending this conference.

For me, the high point of the conference was hearing Bunny Williams speak on Day Two. In the early 1990s, when I would read and devour design magazines cover-to-cover, Bunny's designs only made me want to become a designer even more. I love her classic and timeless approach to design. If anyone has the "Navy Blazer" approach to decorating (see my January 24, 2012 blog post), it's Bunny. I hung onto every word she spoke at the conference, and at the end of her presentation, was first on my feet to give her a standing ovation. Below are some of my favorite lines from her talk:

"There are no formulas [for a design]. Try not to be repetitive."

"Decorating is not a fashion statement you throw out in two years."Bunny Williams design for Long Island home

"Make rooms you can really use."

"Everything in design is recycled. Take something and make it your own."

"When you have things that you love, you can make them work in different situations."

"What is important in design: SCALE, SCALE, SCALE!"

"I like rooms to feel like you can change something if you have to."

And my favorite line that Bunny said: "I am not a brand. I'm just me."

I share so many of her sentiments and approaches to design. I only wish that I can bring the same level of comfort to my designs as Bunny so masterfully does to hers.


                                                           Bunny Williams (left), me (right)