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Architectural Digest Home Design Show 2012: Lighting Finds

Time to finish up on the Architectural Digest Home Design Show. But I couldn't leave without featuring some lighting finds that wowed me at the show.

One of the first booths I saw at AD Show was that of Objet Insolite, a French crafter of solid brass fixtures with a hand-forged quality. I'm a real fan of their sconces and immediately recognized one that I had used in one of my projects.

        Objet Insolite Mostra Sconce                      Objet Insolite Ferica Sconce

Next, I spotted the fixtures of O'Lampia, made in Brooklyn but sold on the Bowery. Simple in design, but elegantly hand-crafted, these fixtures have a timeless appeal.

                      O'Lampia Library Sconce                                      O'Lampia 6-Light Neo-Gothic Chandelier                  O'Lampia Grand Floral Sconce

At the BDDW furniture booth, I fell in love with an assortment of ceramic-shaded pendants. Sold at BDDW's Soho store, the fixtures are one-of-a-kind, the work of Natalie Page, a ceramic artist. I would group them over a long reclaimed-wood dining table or hang them singly over a showcase in a gourmet food or bakery establishment. For now, they are only available in white, but I did request more color options.

Last, but certainly not least, I loved the table lamps of Babette Holland. I had learned of Babette's lamps from a flash sale on and right away posted about them on my Facebook page (pre-blog days). Made of aluminum in a broad color palette, the lamps are exquisitely paired with just the right color lampshade. My favorites in Babette's collection are the "fade" or ombre-hued lamps--a subtle pop of color for an elegantly-furnished space.