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Peaches and Cream

Some nights when I can't sleep, I lie in bed and in my head re-decorate rooms in my house. Well that's not entirely true. You see, there are a few rooms in my house that I have not yet decorated. Partly, it's the cobbler's children syndrome: I can't settle for just anything, so I'll wait until I can get what I want. That's true for my living room, but it's no excuse for my master bedroom. Especially because I have furniture for the room.

I had picked out fabrics over the years for my bedroom that were a combination of yellows, reds and blues. In my head, I was painting the walls yellow. Then, one sleepless night as I was re-thinking my bedroom decor, it struck me: not yellow, but peach! Why peach? Because peach is a color that makes white skin look pretty, so it's no wonder that it would be a good color for the bedroom. Not to mention that Benjamin Moore just last week forecasted peach as a color trend for 2013.

Peach varies from a blush color (what I'm thinking for my bedroom) to salmon, apricot, coral and melon. I like it because it acts as a neutral. The paint color I'm thinking of using--Benjamin Moore Sunlit Coral 2170-60--is a pale backdrop for the English pine bed and armoire and painted antique bureaus I have in my bedroom. It also works with my blue carpeting and bedding. It feels fresh to me as opposed to the yellow I had been wed to for a while.

Some of us may remember 1980s peach--paired with gray or teal in fabrics and wallpapers. To prove that peach can have a renaissance, I combed the internet for images of contemporary peach interiors (not necessarily in style, but in time period).

                         Dining Room by Ashley Whittaker Design                                        Bedroom by Kemble Interiors
Notice how well the coral dining chairs in the photo above left blend with the other soft pastels in the room. In the bedroom on the right, peach and blue, in tones ranging from light to dark, seamlessly fit with the wicker and other natural elements in the space.


                              Living Room of David Flint Wood and India Hicks in Sept/Oct 2011 Lonny Magazine

In the living room above, the peach sofa becomes a focal point in a room of black, grays and tans.


                         Garrison Hullinger Interior Design                                      Elizabeth Dinkel Design Associates, Inc.
In the bathroom above left, peach painted walls complement the marble subway tile. Neutrals of white and ivory work handsomely with bronze metallics and a satinwood night stand in the bedroom, above right. These photos in particular showcase how soothing a peach color palette can be in a bedroom or bath.
                                                     Library by Elizabeth Dinkel Design Associates, Inc.

In the library above, peach and coral with analogous color yellow create harmony with the warm wood paneling. Peach with blues and soft pastels, peach with grays, peach with ivory, tans and golds. As you can see, peach is alive and well and reinterpreted for the future.