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Blogfest 2012 and My A-ha Moment

If you're following the blog, you may have noticed I didn’t post last week. I spent the week in NYC, going to Wanted on Sunday, ICFF on Monday and Blogfest Monday through Wednesday. I returned to Boston on Thursday for the long holiday weekend.

There's a lot to say about Wanted, ICFF and Blogfest, but to do them justice, I must do separate posts. Today, I’m taking up a challenge presented by House Beautiful. On Tuesday of Blogfest, we heard editorial panels from the Hearst Magazine Home Group, including Veranda and House Beautiful. House Beautiful’s panel discussed “A-ha” moments: what editors see in designers’ scouting shots that make them publication-worthy. House Beautiful challenged us to blog about our own A-ha moment.

My A-ha moment coincided with my first professional photo shoot. I was launching my website and had completed a sufficient body of work to justify hiring a pro. Rick Mandelkorn’s son and my son were school buddies so it seemed right to hire Rick, one of the best, to do the shoot. The first interior we shot was a living room I had recently finished. The house faced east and Rick caught the morning sun’s radiance on the sofa and grasscloth wallcovering, in the folds of the draperies, and even in the vase I placed on the mantel. The shot made the room look iridescent and I realized at that moment the talent of designer (me!) and photographer to ably capture light in a room in this way.