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Works of Paper

I pray to the Frank Gehry idol.  Well, not really Frank Gehry's Wiggle Chair(idol worship is a no-no in my religion).  But I do worship this man's inventiveness and manipulation of materials.  Of his many iconic creations, Gehry's Wiggle Chair, made of corrugated cardboard, has inspired many to create similar objects.  And so I was delighted at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair last month to see interesting, affordable and sustainable furnishings made of this very mundane material.

Carton Planet, out of New Jersey, and Graypants, out of Seattle, featured works made entirely of cardboard. Carton Planet showcased chairs and tables from their Bloom Series. The chair is made of 124 layers of cardboard and the table of 145.  Maybe not for a luxe interior, but how about the office of an eco-friendly design studio?


Though not on display at ICFF, I love the color and form of Carton Planet's Qubica bookshelves. Carton Planet vouches for their stability and recommends them for bookshelves or as room dividers.


I also love Carton Planet's Checked Lamps. Made of recycled cardboard, in three sizes and an affordable $50-60 price tag, the pendant lamps are shipped in a flat box and the panels are sewn together with string.  Satisfies that do-it-yourself urge, don't you think?


Graypants showcased their Scraplights at ICFF.  Made of recycled cardboard and non-toxic adhesive, Scraplights' layers are laser cut and then assembled by hand.  Wonderfully textural, the laser-cut layers reveal unique patterns inherent in the corrugation.  These pendants look fabulous in clusters, a trend in pendant lighting I'm seeing lately.   



Another favorite at ICFF was the Soft Collection by Molo Design. Made completely of recycled content and completely recyclable, Molo's Softwall and Softblock systems are self-supporting honeycomb structures that stretch to create walls, seating and lighting.  The material expands to roughly 15 feet in length yet compresses to less than two inches.  Available in kraft paper, lightweight paper and a non-woven textile material, these modular units seem a no-brainer for instant rooms and trade-show booths.