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Diary of a Show House Designer: It's Official

It's official.  The Design Committee of the 2012 Junior League of Boston Show House has asked me to design the third floor Studio, or as I like to call it, "Mommy Time-Out Room."  Honestly, I was disappointed not to get the Sitting Room.  But I like that the Studio is all about interior architecture -- with custom built-ins and a dropped ceiling for a shimmery indirect lighting effect -- so I'm telling myself, it's meant to be.  Now, on to what's next.

I met yesterday with a contractor who also builds cabinetry to go over the specifications for the built-ins and ceiling.  This aspect of the design is probably the most critical, and it has to be done right.  Many times, when designing custom pieces, I can give my contractors some sketches and let them run with it.  But to be sure that we're on the same page, I'm going to do some shop drawings and details.

Next week, all the designers invited to participate in Show House will meet at the house.  It's at this meeting that we receive the schedule, rules and regulations about participating; for example, what hours we have access to the house, when our "dirty" work (i.e., build-outs, painting, carpentry, etc.) must be complete, when move-in of furniture can be done.  Show House runs like a finely tuned machine.  It's down to a science.

Soon, I'll start contacting suppliers for materials -- when I start grovelling (not really, but almost) to get materials and finishes at deep discount or on loan in return for mentions.  Also, I'll be keeping my eye out for accents and accessories (the props) that style my room.  That's always fun for me.  I'll be filling in details as the project progresses so stay tuned.