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Peek A Boo, I See You

If you watched the 2013 Golden Globe Awards, you may have noticed a spring fashion trend showing up big time on the red carpet. That trend is using see-through fabrics that cut away to the female form. IMO, JLo wore it worst and Kerry Washington wore it best, with several in between (Taylor Swift and Rachel Weisz, to name a few).


Peekaboo and veiled looks are like those optical illusions that some of us see as one form in space and others see as two. Our eyes complete the dress (or not) to visualize the complete form or only see the areas blocked out.

We've been doing this in interiors forever. Sheers? Hello!

The see-through refrigerator, outfitted with glass doors is another example. Bravo to those who make this work. It's definitely not something that would work in my household.


                                                                         Photo from High Street Market Blog

In the not too distant future, we may also have see-through TV. Loewe, the German maker of televisions and home entertainment systems, has developed a transparent screen TV. The Loewe Invisio combines the latest high-definition technology in a frameless clear glass flat screen. It answers the age-old design dilemma of what to do with the TV.


                                                                               Photo from

Another product in the design arsenal that lets us veil what lies beyond is eco-resin. It's a product that's been around for about 20 years but became a big part of the design lexicon within the last ten. Eco-resin is a translucent substance made with 40% post-industrial content. Sandwiched between two layers is everything from solid colors to things that blow in the wind. Eco-resin can be molded and shaped, and is used in everything from walls to light fixtures. It's mostly used in commercial applications, but has its place in homes as well.


                                                                         Eco-resin as Sliding Doors. Photo from


                                                                               Eco-resin as Cabinet Doors. Photo From


                                                                    Eco-resin as a Room Divider. Photo from

In what other ways can we expect to see this see-through trend cross over from the runway? The obvious are alternating bands of sheers and solids in window treatments and sheer banding in table linens. I like this application in this table by Made Goods where resin provides transparency in an otherwise conventional table form.


Who knows? Maybe glass block will make a comeback.