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Bathing Beauties

How far would you be willing to go to turn your bathroom into an exotic experience? Could you even conceive bathroom fixtures that turn your bath into a light show, your shower into a massage, and your toilet into a sound machine? The fixtures you'll read about below do that and so much more.

Bain Ultra recently introduced Thermasens, an extension of its hydrotherapy tubs. With hydrotherapy via air jets, you also get chromatherapy, aromatherapy and thermotherapy. So while you're bathing, an aromatherapy diffuser releases essential oils in a fine mist; a light system colors the mist -- red for stimulation, blue for comfort and green for stability; and your headrest, backrest and seat are separately heated to temperatures of 100 degrees or more. Bain Ultra's goal is to "transform your bathroom into a haven of wellness."


                                                      Bain Ultra Amma Oval courtesy of

Now imagine showering while lying down. Yes, it's possible. Dornbracht has designed a shower that incorporates six shower bars recessed into a broad shower field above a reclining space. The system allows you to pre-program settings varying in temperature, pressure and flow to achieve balancing, energizing or de-stressing effects.


                                                Dornbracht Horizontal Shower courtesy of

I'm saving the best for last: a toilet that opens and closes and adjusts in height based on built-in motion sensors; that contains automatic bidet functionality; that has a built-in seat warmer, integrated air dryer and deodorizer; that warms the floor so your feet stay toasty; that lights the space with illuminated panels; and to top it all off -- plays music. This toilet exists and it's called the Numi.


                                                          Numi by Kohler courtesy of

What's next? A robotic valet that will wash you, shave you and brush your teeth?