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California Dreamin'

I've been traveling. In the last two weeks, I've been to Los Angeles for the Design Bloggers Conference and to Hickory, North Carolina to attend Hickory Chair University. I love road trips. Maybe because I don't have to travel for business much. So when I do, it feels like a luxury. Air travel can be a drag. But as a mom, I enjoy the solitude of flying alone, without marshalling children and baggage. I catch up on my design magazines, enjoy a local brew, and for a couple of hours, evade phone calls and emails.

We've been battered with heavy snows this winter where I live in Massachusetts. So when I arrived in L.A. on March 1st to a temperature of 80 degrees, I didn't care where I went as long as it was outside. I wound up at the beach in Santa Monica.

The bright sunshine and ocean were a sight for my sore New England eyes. Across the street was Shutters on the Beach, a hotel I had heard much about.

The interior surprised me. It looked so East Coast . . . so traditional. The last design I would expect. I thought I'd see sprawling off-white furniture a la Michael Taylor. After all, I was in California. But then I realized that East Coast Traditional is novel for California. If I didn't know better, I'd swear I was in Cape Cod.

                                               Shutters on the Beach lobby (photo courtesy of

Low ceilings; a nautical palette; multiple fireplaces; mahogany tea tables. Not my idea of a beachfront hotel in Santa Monica. But maybe that's the attraction.

I let it go. After all, I was in California. And it was 80 sunny, hot and beautiful degrees.

More California to come . . . shopping on Melrose and highlights of the Design Bloggers Conference.