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Another Look at Kravet

I had to add to my previous post on Kravet Inc. because there was so much diversity among its textiles that I couldn't leave another out.

Kravet produces an extensive line of contract fabrics. For readers who are not in the design profession, contract fabrics are those produced for commercial applications, for example in hotels, casinos, restaurants, offices, retail stores, hospitals and other health care environments. The requirements for these fabrics are dictated by building codes (flammability, for example) and by the performance criteria for each application. For instance, fabrics for health care environments may need anti-microbial protection. In all cases, these fabrics must be heavy duty.

During the Blogfest Kravet studio tour, we saw Kravet's newest collection of contract fabrics. The collection was stunning and filled with bright colors and contemporary patterns.

This picture is just a sampling of the extensive Kravet contract line. All of the contract fabrics we saw were Crypton. No, not Krypton as in Superman lore. Crypton (with a capital "C") is a fabric manufactured with specially engineered heavy-duty fiber that is stain and germ resistant and, when woven into cloth, has an integrated moisture barrier. Picture these fabrics on casino seating where --as the Kravet Contract team leader so aptly put-- people tend to sit in the same place for hours and hours. Get the picture? High performance and high style. Another reason to love Kravet.