Laurie Gorelick Interiors


Rubbing Elbows

I've been lucky enough lately to be able to rub elbows (really) with some of the design greats I worship. I'm not sure if my idol worship shows, but my ability to conceal it has definitely been tested.

Last week, while attending Blogfest's afternoon session at Hearst Tower, I emerged from a toilet stall in the women's bathroom and found myself standing next to Alexa Hampton. We were at the sinks washing our hands and there she was. Right next to me. That look of "I know you" crossed my face, and I got all flummoxed. What do you say when you come face to face (or elbow to elbow) with one of your design icons? And in the bathroom no less? So what did I say? "Wow! Alexa Hampton actually uses the bathroom!" Seriously, Alexa, it's only because you're like a god to me. (As was your father, BTW, who I worshipped even before I thought about becoming a designer.)

Then there was the encounter at Newel with Jonathan Adler. I was perusing Newel's vast inventory (six stories worth, ranging from Renaissance antiquities to American folk art) with my cohort, Carrie Leskowitz, when a snazzy looking gentleman wandered by. He looked so familiar--maybe someone I knew from a trade showroom. I whispered to Carrie, "Who is that? He looks so familiar." Carrie (with an expression of "Duh!") said "That's Jonathan Adler." Ok, now what? I burst out my confession, "Gee. I thought you looked familiar."

And then, finally, I saw Thom Filicia so many times in the week leading up to Blogfest that I felt like a stalker. First I saw him at a special reception hosted by Kravet's Boston showroom. Then again, that same day at a reception for the opening of Kohler's Signature Store in Natick. Not more than five days later, there he was at Blogfest. Seriously Thom, I'm not stalking you. But if we continue running into each other, it's fate. Because I absolutely know we could be great friends.