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2013 Kips Bay Decorator Show House--A Study in Contrasts, Part 2

In case I haven't said it enough, the elements and principles of design (EAPOD) are my gospel. These notions of scale, pattern, texture, contrast, etc. articulate what makes good design. In my previous post on the 2013 Kips Bay Decorator Show House, I discussed how one room didn't pass my EAPOD litmus test. In this post, I feature two 2013 Kips Bay Show House rooms that knocked the EAPOD out of the park.

The first is Eve Robinson Associates' Family Lounge. I've been a fan of Eve Robinson for years. Her style has such dignified restraint. It's clean and spare. Everything in her spaces is in such perfect equilibrium. Her Kips Bay Family Lounge, in lavender, strayed from her usual use of neutrals.


                                                      Photo by Timothy Bell courtesy of Architectural Digest

This room was so harmonious. Yet there were many layers to its composition. There was texture in the Kyle Bunting custom hide rug and the Diva Stools at the far end of the room. Also in the lacquered ceiling and the Stucco Veneziano cross-hatched walls. Beautiful forms were represented in the sinuous brass table lamp, the bell-shaped coffee tables, the cord chairs at the game table and pendant light fixtures. Light emanated from vastly different primary sources (like the table lamp, wall sconce and pendants pictured below), and secondarily reflected off the lacquered ceiling. Color and pattern were slight but present (albeit monochromatically in the case of color). That's what I like about Eve's designs: everything is there, but it's subtle. Nothing's over the top.

Another beautifully composed room was Barbara Ostom & Associates Sitting Room and Home Office. This room had everything. Each plane was decorated, but in a carefully composed way. I love when a room leaves you breathless and at each turn, there's a visual surprise. That's what this room was like.


                                                                                  Photo courtesy of

I'm a pattern fanatic, and this room had it in spades--the sisal carpet from Stark, zebra rug, Dedar drapery fabric, wood folding screen, and the stunning ceiling mural in gold. Texture came from the textiles, carvings, and woodwork, with a surprise dose from the little white Fufu stool from NOA Living.


A favorite element of the room was the architectural niche created for the home office.


Such classic architectural detailing mixed with a modern Dakota Jackson desk! It takes a seasoned designer to mix furnishings from different periods so adeptly. The contrast is bold but the room is so refined.

I could easily detail several other rooms at the 2013 Kips Bay Show House that would aptly illustrate the EAPOD in practice. But my intent here was to show how expert designers--even with different style predilections--can so handily compose a space applying these design fundamentals. It's my aim as well, provided I keep the EAPOD in my toolkit!