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New Year Refresher

Three times in any given calendar year, I celebrate a new year of sorts. There is the traditional New Years Day universally celebrated on January 1. Then there is the new year marked by the new school year. Labor Day weekend, back-to-school shopping and the start of football season always trigger a renewal for me. The nostalgia of getting a new pair of shoes and new school clothes; opening new notebooks to that first blank page; and settling into a familiar routine after the randomness of summer signal a fresh beginning. And lastly, there is the Jewish New Year, which is an opportunity to assess my shortcomings in the previous year and vow to make corrections. This year it happens that the latter two 'new years' coincide.

With the opportunity to reflect and refresh that a new year brings, I thought I would share a recent project that's just about completed. My clients own an old house that has had several additions and subdivisions over the years. Within the next couple of years, they plan to do a gut remodel to incorporate an attached rental apartment. In the meantime, however, they hate their existing kitchen. Dark and dated, it has honey-stained cabinets with mauve laminate countertops (yes, mauve) and rose-colored floor tiles circa 1970s. Inasmuch as they want to completely redo their kitchen, the price tag plus the plan to gut the house in the near future is a stumbling block. But they can't live with the kitchen as is. So they hired Laurie Gorelick Interiors to give their kitchen a facelift.

Here's how their kitchen looked before:




And here's how it looks now:


What we did:

  • We replaced the rose 6x6 floor tiles with light colored 12x24 tiles with a stone-like finish.
  • I proposed replacing the arched upper cabinet doors to have rectangular panels like the bottoms, but my clients opted to keep the existing doors.
  • We had the cabinets spray-painted off-white with a satin finish. The walls were painted a warm beige.
  • We replaced dated antique brass exposed hinges with European-style concealed hinges.
  • We replaced the mauve laminate countertops with Venetian Gold polished granite.
  • We installed a backsplash of 3x6 glazed subway tiles in biscuit with an accent band of 1x1 mosaic glass tiles.


Yet to be completed: adding door hardware and new appliances. Total price tag: about $10,000-12,000.

For my clients, the facelift we gave the kitchen dramatically changes the way they feel about their home and makes it easier to await the time when they will do a complete remodel.

As summer ends and we transition to new beginnings, what could you refresh in your home that could change your outlook for the coming year?