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Wallflowers Rule

At last week's NY Now market, I became acquainted with Longstreet Collection, the photographic art by the mother/son team of Madeline and Robert Longstreet. Rob was manning the booth and briefed me on the collaborative process which generates these large-scale works that attract designers, celebrities and collectors alike. It's no wonder that their works have this following and have won ASID's Best of the Best at this show. It's difficult to find large scale works of this design and caliber to grace vast wall expanses.

Madeline's background in painting and Rob's in photography, combined with interests in horticulture and Japanese printmaking, yield alternative photographic images that showcase the elemental beauty of organic forms.


This triptych of pink dogwood consists of panels, each 30 inches wide by 76 inches long. Here you can see the scale of these panels installed:


One of the virtues of Madeline and Rob's art is that it can be custom sized and custom colored.

The piece below, La Fleur, is 66 inches by 66 inches installed.


Here is La Fleur in an interior designed by the fabulous design duo, Tilton Fenwick:


But here is a version Rob showed me he had done in a different size and color:


And, in honor of Valentine's Day, Rob made this special version of La Fleur:


As I write this post, it is yet another snow day with about eight inches of snow added to the base of 12 to 14 inches that we have already had. How dreamy it is to gaze at the Longstreets' Bird Tree Panels and think of spring:


To see more of Longstreet Collection, visit

Images taken by Laurie Gorelick or courtesy of Longstreet Collection, except for the interior by Tilton Fenwick, courtesy of Trad Home.