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Sneak Peak: Basement Transformation

I don't share much about LGI projects on the blog. For one, even though readers enjoy seeing what we work on, I feel like it's a bit of self-promotion. For another, it limits what someday could get published. You see, magazines don't like to print something that's already out there.

But I'm working on a fun project; we're just in the middle of it so no chance of spoiling a big reveal; and I have good before and after shots.

The project is the transformation of a former basement playroom into an adult multi-purpose recreation space. My clients have three children, who are either out of the house or on the verge of moving on. Their suburban Boston house is still the family homestead and main gathering spot. But the basement, which has served as playroom, teen lounge and high school party venue, has seen better days. It was pretty much a shell, and my clients wanted to make it into something they could all use and enjoy.

The space is shaped like a T. My clients asked for four things: 1) an area that could function as a TV lounge and video-gaming area; 2) an area for a billiard or ping-pong table; 3) a wet bar; and 4) a way to block views into adjacent bathroom, storage and exercise spaces.

I presented four alternative space plans, and my clients chose the plan that would put the TV lounge and video gaming area in the alcove created by the T footprint.


                               BEFORE                                                                                AFTER

The photos above show the alcove that will become the TV lounge space. Before, closets for toy storage spanned the far wall. We expanded the space by removing the closets and relocating storage space to an underutilized area below stairs. To visually separate the TV Lounge from the rest of the space and complement a support beam, we added pilasters. We'll outfit the space with a comfy sectional sofa and built-in entertainment center.

We've created a new zone for a built-in banquette and table. Adding the banquette also helped us to create a vestibule so that vistas into the adjacent half-bath and exercise area would be blocked.


                                  BEFORE                                                                                      AFTER

See that door in the Before picture on the right? That's the half-bath. But now you don't.

Speaking of bathrooms, my client wanted to re-do that also.


                                                  BEFORE                                                                         AFTER

We've replaced the old 6x6 floor tiles with 32x5 ceramic tiles with a whitewashed wood look. The builder-grade vanity will be replaced by this (minus the mirror and sconces):


Our color palette is light blues and beiges with pops of assorted brights.



 I love the way this project is turning out. Stay tuned for more sneak peaks.