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Trend Watch Tuesday: Kitchens as Works of Art

The kitchen has taken center stage as the heart and command center of the modern home. It's where we eat; where we entertain; where our kids do their homework; and where we manage the household. To serve all of these functions, the kitchen not only has to look good but perform well.

The latest trends in kitchen design are integration and personalization: blending utility with style and meeting the lifestyle needs of the consumer.

  • Functional pieces like appliances blend seamlessly into cabinetry.
  • Cabinetry is customized to suit the functional and ergonomic needs of its owners.
  • Technology infuses kitchen design to make the kitchen user-friendly.

At the 2015 Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS), these trends were strikingly evident. Cabinet makers are leading the charge, combining state-of the-art engineering with functionality to yield beautifully designed and highly serviceable units.

Poggenpohl -- the 123-year-old luxury cabinet maker -- aptly illustrated these trends with its introduction at KBIS of the P'7350 kitchen concept. The P'7350 is Poggenpohl's second collaboration with the Porsche Design Studio. The first collaboration yielded the P'7340 which raised the bar on kitchen cabinetry in two significant ways. First, it introduced an aluminum framework for positioning cabinets. This framework multiplied the customization options for arranging cabinets. Secondly, the collaboration with Porsche marked the innovative use of the aerodynamic material, carbon, for cabinet fronts.

In the award-winning P'7350 kitchen, Poggenpohl and Porsche have engineered a unique industrial mitering of cabinet fronts and boxes to create a brushed aluminum vertical reveal.



The reveal adds a strong vertical element to the kitchen cabinet assembly and contrasts with the seamless planes of the cabinet fronts. Offered in gray walnut veneer and white, black, and gray matte and lacquered finishes, the P'7350 feels like the kitchen of the future.


As with all Poggenpohl kitchens, the P'7350 is entirely bespoke. It is built to order and customized to meet the organizational and lifestyle needs of the consumer. Poggenpohl prides itself on organizational personalization down to the smallest detail. Drawer fittings, like dividers and inserts, enable the customer to keep everything easily at hand and in its proper place.


To achieve this level of performance, Poggenpohl has truly elevated kitchen design to an art form.

Photo credits: All photographs except the photograph of the Poggenpohl logo are courtesy of Photograph of the Poggenpohl logo courtesy of  Chasen West Photography.

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