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Surface Treatment

The array of surfacing materials that are available to consumers these days is astounding. From paper to stone and every engineered material in between, it's a veritable trove for commercial and residential designers, architects and builders and it makes the choice that much harder for our clients.

With the entry of Wilsonart -- an industry leader in engineered surfacing material -- into the mix of producers of engineered quartz, that trove became deeper and the decision-making process even more difficult. At the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) in January, Wilsonart unveiled its line of quartz surfacing material which will soon be 50-patterns deep.


                                                               Photo courtesy of Chasen West for Modenus

Wilsonart drew inspiration for the line from different geographies and cultures, but organized the array of patterns into four categories based on textures and structures: 1) fine and small scale; 2) medium scale; 3) large scale; and 4) veining and movement.


                                                                                     Photos courtesy of Wilsonart

One of the great features of Wilsonart's new quartz is that it can be fabricated into 20-foot slabs making it suitable for large scale as well as vertical applications. You can see below the vertical wall installation in Wilsonart's KBIS booth and how easily Wilsonart's quartz pairs with products from its laminate and solid surfacing collections.


At KBIS, Wilsonart also debuted 27 new residential laminate designs. As explained by Natalia Smith,  Wilsonart design manager, the new designs offer recession-weary homeowners the opportunity to infuse their homes with personality in an eco-conscious and budget-friendly manner.

“While still focused on style, consumers want their home to showcase their personality. The emphasis has shifted to living in and enjoying their home, rather than improving it solely for future real estate value.”

Laminate installations in Wilsonart's KBIS booth showed the versatility and functionality of the product. The installation below combines wood grain and solid laminates in a fabulous chevron wall display. Notice the blue laminate and wood grain shelves. No ugly brown seam lines, the bane of vintage laminate countertops.


How about this installation below? It features Wilsonart's Chalkboard laminate.


And if these aren't impressive, Wilsonart has curated a collection of 150 designs ranging from geometric to photorealistic images -- even suitable for large-scale commercial murals -- in its Virtual Design Library. If you can't find anything in the Virtual Design Library, Wilsonart can fabricate your original design as part of its Wilsonart x You custom laminate program. The best part of these programs: all designs are available within a 2-3 week lead time.

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