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This Will Floor You

Back in January, part of my Blogtour experience was visiting the 2015 New American Home (NAH), a project co-produced by the National Association of Home Builders and Builder magazine in conjunction with the International Builders' Show. The NAH is an annual project to showcase the latest technology in home building. In the past, the sponsors intended the home to be a "one-of-a-kind" custom home but this year, they intended to showcase how cutting-edge technology could be integrated into a production home--the type of home offered in a suburban subdivision.


I guess if you're a production home builder in the southwest or some other part of the world with an arid climate, this year's NAH, on the outskirts of Las Vegas, would have been extraordinary. But coming from the northeast, I confess I was not in love. The house beautifully merged indoor with outdoor spaces, something that is no big deal in Las Vegas. But as I look out my window to the more than two feet of snow that has been my landscape for the last 4 to 6 weeks, a home that blends interior with exterior spaces is a total fantasy.


Can you imagine this type of home in New England? Hah! Nevertheless, there were lots of take-aways from the house.

The strongest take-away was the flooring materials used in the house provided by Mohawk Industries. Mohawk provided the hardwood flooring, wall-to-wall carpeting and area rugs made of SmartStrand Forever Clean, and area carpets from their Karastan luxury brand.

Mohawk’s Clarett Graphite Oak hardwood flooring was featured in the home. This beautiful oak hardwood has a subtle gray wash and matte finish making it equally suitable for homes with country and contemporary decor.


Mohawk's Graphite Oak hardwood and Karastan Area Rug shown left, with close up of Graphite Oak hardwood shown right. 

Karastan area carpets added color and pattern to the neutral interiors in the NAH. The rug below was my favorite, setting off a sitting area in the NAH's second floor billiard room and lounge.



I have witnessed some pretty amazing product demonstrations, but by far the best I've seen was the demonstration by Mohawk's product development team of their new SmartStrand Forever Clean carpet. This carpet is the perfect solution for heavily-used family areas of the home. Using technology developed by DuPont, Mohawk has incorporated stain and soil protection into the core of carpet fibers for lifetime protection that will never wear or wash off. With new Nanoloc spill protection, the carpet prevents spills from penetrating the fibers, making cleanups quick and easy.

Mohawk's team demonstrated the stain repellant quality of the carpet with red wine. They submerged two pieces of carpet -- one with ordinary topical stain protection and the other, SmartStrand Forever Clean with Nanoloc protection -- into bowls filled with red wine. The carpet with ordinary protection absorbed the wine and did not come clean. But the SmartStrand Forever Clean carpet repelled the wine, and the carpet wiped completely clean.



Needless to say, all of us from Blogtour were completely floored. You would be too.

Photos of the exterior of the 2015 New American home are courtesy of All other photos courtesy of Chasen West Photography.

Disclaimer: Mohawk was a sponsor of BlogtourVegas and, together with other sponsors, paid for my Blogtour experience.