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Slow Blogging or No Blogging?

I've been MIA from the blog lately.  Yes, it's summertime and with that comes a departure from the workaday routine that besets us from September through June.  I enjoy that departure.  I relish in late mid-week dinners and movies and excursions to the ice cream parlor.  Last summer, I took a break from blogging to savor those moments.

But this summer has been a little different.  My youngest graduated from high school at the beginning of June.  It was a great celebration.  My two older children came from New York and Los Angeles to share in the celebration.  My sister came from San Jose; my mother-in-law from New Jersey; and my mother from Florida.  Graduation was on a Friday evening; we had a little party the next day; and two days later, on Sunday, my mom had a heart attack.

It's now six weeks later, and I'm thankful to say that my mom survived, is slowly recuperating and may even be better once she is fully recovered (thanks to a coronary artery stent).  But, among other things, my blogging has suffered.  This has been a summer where health issues have trumped most things. 

I read a post not too long ago by Holly Becker, the Decor8 blogger, about slow blogging.  The idea of slow blogging is to put quality over quantity: it's not how often you blog that's important, but how rich the content is when you do.  That's always been my mantra. 

I aim to be back soon. 


                                                                         My Mom