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New Year, New You . . . or Me?

Happy 2019! It’s gotten off to a good start: I spent the New Year in Mexico with my family, and that now includes two additional adult members: my oldest daughter’s fiance and my son’s girlfriend. Surrounded by azure blue water, white sand, the colors of Mexican folk art and the tropics, I’m feeling inspired design-wise for 2019.

Our crew in Tulum, Mexico

Our crew in Tulum, Mexico

The new year awards us such a gift: the opportunity to take stock of the last year, re-commit to or abandon unfulfilled objectives and create and commit to new ones.

I’ve never been one for new year’s resolutions. They make me face my fear of failure. I’d rather NOT make a resolution at all than make one and break it. Failure is NOT something I do well.

But I also know that there’s value in goal-setting as any successful business person will attest.

Let me just leave it at this: I’m starting 2019 with having achieved some major accomplishments in 2018 and this leaves me fresh and open to new possibilities in the coming year.

Having been silent on the blog for most of 2018, let me address how I’ve arrived at this moment. In hindsight, I’ve spent the last two years engaged in a psychic and physical “cleansing.” Between late 2015 and early 2017, several momentous things happened: I became an empty-nester, my 94-year-old mother passed away, and I had one of those big birthdays (one that ends in a zero). These three things made 2017 a year of mourning: for the mom-role I would henceforth only fulfill sporadically; for the mom who was no longer ever-present in my life; and for my youth that seemed ever-more remote. At the time, I didn’t realize that all of those things presented a psychological hurdle. (It’s hard to believe I plodded through without therapy!)

My mom was the consummate housekeeper and organizer. When my sister and I cleaned out my mom’s apartment, I took all of my mom’s organizational props, and inspired by her obsession to be clutter-free, set about purging and re-organizing my home. I was on track for about five months until my youngest came home from her sophomore year at college. But the initial work prepared me for the larger task that carried me into 2018: prepping my home of 22 years for sale. After a couple of false starts, my husband and I committed to a drop-dead date to list the house on June 1, 2018. And that’s where the physical cleansing, or purging rather, comes in. I hope to follow up this post with some basic “Downsizing 101” tutorials, but I truly found downsizing a monumental task (probably because I hadn’t moved much during my life). In short, we moved from about 3,600 square feet to 1,300 square feet (not counting the roughly 1,500 cubic feet of off-site storage we have).

We are practically fully moved into our new digs. There are some pictures to hang and some boxes in the garage requiring attention, but we are, for the most part, on the other side. And this brings me back to my initial point: I feel cleansed. And poised for openings.

My horoscope for January said I would expect a major career shift around January 5th. Sure enough, on my way home from Mexico I got a text from a former client stating that she was starting a major renovation and needed my help.

When you clean up your house, and/or your self, the universe responds. Happy new year!